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The Edge Twinlens Piste Ski Goggles, GOGGL

Enjoy exceptional visibility and enhance your skiing experience regardless of the weather. Crafted with a flexible TPU frame, Twinlens Piste Ski Goggles provide a secure yet comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on your skiing or snowboarding with unwavering confidence. Featuring a polycarbonate spherical dual lens with magnets, these goggles are impact and scratch resistant and offer unmatched clarity and protection. What sets them apart? You get to choose from two goggle lenses, which magnetically connect allowing you to adapt to changing light conditions and style requirements effortlessly. Designed with triple layers foam, these goggles mold seamlessly to your face, ensuring a snug and cushioned fit. The normal, anti-slip silicone elastic strap and interchangeable strap system guarantee a customised fit, keeping your goggles in place no matter how intense your adventure gets.Whether you’re carving through powder or cruising down the slopes, these goggles are your ticket to unmatched clarity, comfort, and style. Embrace the freedom to choose your view and conquer the snow-covered peaks with confidence. ·      TPU flexible frame·      Polycarbonate spherical dual lens with magnets·      Comes with 2 goggle lenses to choose from·      Tiple layers foam·      Normal, anti-slip silicone elastic strap·      Interchangeable lens·      Interchangeable strap system·      Dimensions: 176mm x 95mm·      Strap depth: 45mm ·      Weight: 186g
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The Edge Twinlens Piste Ski Goggles, GOGGL

The Edge – – GOGGL

The Edge Twinlens Piste Ski Goggles, GOGGL £53.00

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