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Dirty Dog Furnace Polarised Sunglasses – Satin Black/Grey & Red Fusion

The Dirty Dog Furnace Polarised Sunglasses in Satin Black/Grey & Red Fusion Dirty Dog’s are equipped with the latest lens technology in POLARIZED POLYFILTER and POLYCARBONATE lenses. POLYCARBONATE is the most impact resistant optical material available, guaranteeing the wearer protection from physical objects as well as visual comfort. Scientifically formulated to offer exceptional defence against the suns harmful rays, our POLARIZED POLYFILTER and POLYCARBONATE lenses absorb radiation that can be damaging to the human eye. These lenses provide clear and restful vision in the most extreme environmental conditions. Dirty Dog sunglasses Polarized lenses also block reflected horizontal glare making them the perfect choice for any high glare situations like fishing, boating, skiing, driving or any situation where you need extra protection from reflected glare. Dirty Dog sunglass lenses consist of layer upon layer of advanced technology bonded together to maximise UV protection and enhance the clarity of your vision for safe and durable wearing. The lenses contain 4 UV filters for optimum UV blockage. All Dirty Dog lenses are treated with two specially developed hard coatings to make the lenses extremely scratch resistant and prevent the deterioration of lens clarity. Moulded from Grilamide TR90, a thermoplastic polyamide. Dirty Dog TR90 sunglass frames are lightweight, extremely flexible yet super strong with 100% memory allowing the frames to bounce back to their original shape. Put through the harshest testing conditions, Dirty Dog eyewear has proven TR90 will keep its properties in extreme temperature including low and high temperatures, as well as extremely humid or dry conditions. This makes them the perfect choice for any situation and gives the wearer a guarantee that they will stand up to the job. TR90 has demonstrated no risk of allergy and is FDA and CE approved. Product Information: • Brand: Dirty Dog • Colour: Black & Red • Product Code: 53568-BK/RD
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Dirty Dog Furnace Polarised Sunglasses - Satin Black/Grey & Red Fusion

Dirty Dog – – Black

Dirty Dog Furnace Polarised Sunglasses – Satin Black/Grey & Red Fusion £44.99

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