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Ray-Ban Chromance Sunglasses – Silver

The Ray-Ban Chromance Sunglasses in Silver. RB3543 sunglasses are built with resilient metal in a masculine squared design that captures both the spirit of street style and the performance look of sport frames. This style also features the brand new Chromance lenses, the innovative and highly performing newest lenses in Ray-Ban family. Chromance lenses fine-tunes light, making everyday colors brighter, clearer, and more extraordinary. The special six layers antireflection treatment help maximizing contrast, granting more details in texture and contour. Chromance lenses also eliminate reflections and glare with polar filters, ensuring the best clarity in vision. Product Information: • Product Code: RB3543-003/5J-59-ASSTD • Frame material: Metal • Frame colour: Silver • Lenses: Polarized Silver Mirror Chromance
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Ray-Ban Chromance Sunglasses - Silver

Ray-Ban – – Grey

Ray-Ban Chromance Sunglasses – Silver £188

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